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Dex 3 is a automatic transmission and power steering fluid

The synthetic base oil used in the Dex 3 automatic transmission and power steering fluid provides excellent performance, including smooth vehicle operation and all-around transmission component lubrication protection.

It has excellent thermal, anti-oxidative, and anti-rust qualities for efficient and constant transmission performance. It has excellent absorption characteristics, which help to decrease fluid loss in extreme situations while ensuring steady shifting performance. Its outstanding anti-wear and anti-rust qualities help to extend the life of the vehicle.

Performance Features and Benefits:

  • It protects equipment by creating a lubricating coating around it.
  • It provides outstanding anti-oxidation stability even in the presence of heavy metals like copper and bronze, it provides outstanding anti-oxidation stability.
  • Gear oil is composed comprised of a paraffinic basis with a high viscosity index, which prevents it from thinning down too much at high temperatures.
  • Anti-foaming qualities prevent corrosion of equipment.

It is not recommended that spent oil be poured down the drain or dumped in the ground. To dispose of this oil, contact a reputable collection center.

Avoid storing it at extreme temperatures, such as very hot or very cold.Place it in a shaded or enclosed area

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